D-10-IMM Evaluation

The best order is a single part with crazy qty. requirement, manufacturer only need to do same thing every day and keep making money. To meet the order’s requirement, manufacturer needs to prepare a big land/plant full of same equipment and molds. It means all equipment have same model/specification/even manufacturing date, so does the molds…. Continue reading

D-7-Confirmation before Injection Molding Process

Molding process preparation includes 3 aspects: raw material, mold, equipment (such as injection molding machine (IMM), temperature controller, process monitoring machine…etc.), they shall work with each other properly in order to produce good parts. At least but not limited to following items must be checked to confirm if the preparation had been done properly, it… Continue reading

D-6-Molding Parameters

Here discuss molding parameter settings and output on the IMM which mostly considered during injection molding process. The molding parameters above are machine inputs. The following are the outputs from the machine, which are a result of the settings of the molding parameters as available on the molding machine screens.

D-4-Cavity Monitoring System

Plastic part with consistent quality and behavior can be produced with consistent/stable mold status, molding process, and raw material. During the injection molding process, the melt plastic will be injected into the mold with a series mechanical movement of injection molding machine (IMM). This leads to the mold inside environment changes accordingly, in which the… Continue reading

D-3-Clamping Unit

Generally clamping unit could be divided into: Three plate clamping unit is consisted of 3 major plates which are machine plate for mold fixed side, plate for mold moving side, Plate for providing Movement to drive plate for mold moving side. See illustration of Three plate clamping unit in Pic.-1. A later three plate clamping… Continue reading

D-2-Injection Unit

The injection unit consisted of following major elements: Barrel It is a cylinder where raw material changes from pellet to molten stage. To well control the temperature inside the barrel is really important during the process. This is determined by the machine manufacturer but following principle shall be followed: the temperature control should provide at… Continue reading