D-3-Clamping Unit

Generally clamping unit could be divided into: Three plate clamping unit is consisted of 3 major plates which are machine plate for mold fixed side, plate for mold moving side, Plate for providing Movement to drive plate for mold moving side. See illustration of Three plate clamping unit in Pic.-1. A later three plate clamping… Continue reading

D-2-Injection Unit

The injection unit consisted of following major elements: Barrel It is a cylinder where raw material changes from pellet to molten stage. To well control the temperature inside the barrel is really important during the process. This is determined by the machine manufacturer but following principle shall be followed: the temperature control should provide at… Continue reading

C-18-Mass Produced Mold

Sometimes, the forecast demand from customer is so huge. It requires many production lines to cover the required amount. In order to prevent the production variation from different manufacturing equipment including Injection Molding Machine (IMM) and molds…etc. Apart from picking IMM with similar performance (evaluated and categorized by the activity discussed in D-10), we could also… Continue reading

C-14-Design Process

Here discuss injection molding mold design process, see principle of making a mold design. To concentrate the critical/important dimension instead of general/reference dimension. Use time more efficient and shorten the lead time. Most of the raw material has 2 direction shrinkage rates, and the rate was tested in a controlled setting and environment (see test… Continue reading

C-13-Mold Design

This is one of the key to the injection-molding process, the injection mold forms the melt plastic into the desired shape, provides the surface texture, and determines the dimensions of the finished molded article. In facilitating mold cavity filling and cooling, the mold also influences the molding cycle and efficiency as well as the internal… Continue reading


Positioning is a design concept; it helps to maintain and ensure the interaction between the elements of injection molding process by reserving specific area of “mold part” or providing particular design to control alignment inside and outside of mold (see Pic.-1). The purpose of Positioning includes: The colors of different mold parts stand for: Red:… Continue reading


In most cases, the molding process operates at the environment where technician also works at, it is normal environment we are living at which is full of air. Within the molding cycle, the mold cavity area is full of air when the mold closes/before the step injection (melt plastic fills the cavity area) starts. To… Continue reading


Insert is a design concept. By replacing specific area in the mold with different design steel to achieve particular target. An insert inside mold could be considered as an additional/removable part. The purpose of insert including: Despite the advantage mentioned above, we shall consider the cost as well. Generally, the manufacturing cost of a mold… Continue reading