C-17-Mold Completion Check

Here discuss at least but not limited items shall be checked by QC of the mold maker when mold finish manufacturing.

  1. Documentation
    Available, and content correct/complete information. Icludes
    • Mould drawings
    • Hot runner drawings
    • Hot runner manual
    • Mould and maintenance manual
    • Steel Inspection Reports
    • Spare Part List
  2. Functionality
    • Molds assembly
      Smooth and without difficult.
    • Return pins fit
      0.05mm above parting-line and move smoothly.
    • Water flow test
      Turbulent flow obtained on all water circuits in.
  3. Identification
    • Mold number
    • Mold Identification
    • Mold dimensions
    • Weight
    • Number of cavities
    • Hot runner system identification
    • Hot runner zone identification
    • Cavity identification
    • No. of water connections
    • Mould installation holes
      Standard platen configuration with holes and slots for direct clamp.
    • Cooling line connector within tai-bar area.
    • Fixed half location ring diameter.
    • Moving half location ring diameter.
    • Ejector plate return limit switch installed.
    • Hot runner connection / sockets as per user specification.
    • Temperature monitoring thermocouples of hot runner installed.
    • Water connections
      Sufficient clearance to connect and remove safety coupling.
  4. Accessories
    • Back plates
      Fixed and moving half back plates to be of equal thickness.
    • Pry bar slots
      Available at all moving plates.
    • Insulation plates
      Fixed side and moving side.
    • Cable protection
      Inserted into mould base or covered.
  5. General
    • Shims not included in assembly.
    • Welding no visible welding.
    • Cycle counter
      Fitted and located for easy reading.
    • Grooves
      Grease in slides and gibs.
    • Sharp edges and mold base surface finish
      All sharp edges removed for safe operation.

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