B-3-Wall Thickness

Wall thickness could be measured by parts cross section. Depending on part design, a single part could have many different wall thicknesses. For injection molding part, there are some suggestion regarding wall thickness for a better surface finish and easier production. Too much wall thickness Plastic expends when temperature goes up and shrinks when temperature… Continue reading


Plastic parts will never be the 100% same as the CAD design, since part geometry, material characteristics (raw material expands and contracts according to thermal difference), mold construction (CNC machining), processing variability…etc. Therefore, to indicate the area of the part that shall follow the CAD design and the allowed difference is very important. The allowed… Continue reading

B-1-Design Preparation

There are many ways to produce products, why choose “plastic injection molding” ?? I see 3 reasons below after comparing several manufacturing processes: Here are some principles (not limited) I will consider during design stage if we decide to produce a part with plastic injection molding process, many factors affect plastic-part design. Among these factors… Continue reading

A-4-Supplier Management

An automotive consisted of thousands of parts such as engine, transmission system, steel frame, and many plastic parts……etc. These parts could not be manufactured by a single company, but hundreds of suppliers. If a party generates trouble, everybody would be in trouble, good supplier management is really mattering to the project and industry. The major… Continue reading